Sampo Kaulanen bought a 3 million euro penthouse from Levi – Now reveals his ambitious plan to IL

Entrepreneur Sampo Kaulanen made another million-dollar vacation home deal in Levi.

Entrepreneur Sampo Kaulanen is now telling Iltalehte about his ambitious plan for the luxury accommodation business. ATTE KAJOVA

The entrepreneur who sold Jouni’s shop Sampo Kaulanen has not rested on its laurels. This week, he made a deal for another million-dollar holiday apartment in Levi. It is a penthouse whose price is three million euros.

Kaulanen now tells Iltalehti that he is planning a luxury accommodation business. He wants to bring world-class superstars to Finland and organize experiences for them.

– I’ve had a dream of Hollywood stardom since birth. I have adored that glamorous mood. It would be fun to be able to offer the stars luxury here and at the same time to see what their hassle is like, Kaulanen reasons.

It’s no longer just a childhood dream, but a goal-oriented business plan. Sampo Kaulanen made millions for his company by selling Jouni’s store. He has had time to think longer about the direction of his company patterns, but the acquisition put the pieces in place. Now he can afford to invest in such luxury properties and start creating something new.

When Kaulanen heard about the accommodation complex being built for Levi, where luxury has been modeled on high-profile resorts such as Megeve in France, Zermatt in Switzerland or Aspen in the United States, he got really excited.

Hulppea, the top-floor holiday home to be completed this year, is located 50 meters from the slopes of Levi, and it is a whopping 309 square meters in size. The penthouse includes a two-room apartment with its own entrance, from which you can access the entire apartment. The apartment and the roof terrace have wonderful views of the beautiful fell landscape.

– In recent years, Levi has attracted the so-called cream of the crop. From here you can walk directly to the slopes. The site itself is cool, but I’ll hire an interior designer Jaakko Puron to design the cabin even better than before, says Kaulanen.

A luxurious Lapland atmosphere is sought for the apartment with materials and various luxury elements.

– Valuable materials, such as oak, will be used in the holiday home. There will be a wooden wall and Lapland elements. We also want there a cold exposure pool and an infrared sauna in addition to the traditional whirlpool.

Sampo Kaulanen bought a penthouse in Levi for three million euros, which he wants to rent to international star guests. Observation picture of the apartment. ETUOVI.COM / SOFIA LKV

According to the photo, the penthouse has beautiful views of the fells. ETUOVI.COM / SOFIA LKV

Sampo Kaulanen’s luxurious vacation home will be 50 meters from the front slope of Levi. Observation picture. ETUOVI.COM / SOFIA LKV

A cool accommodation complex is being built for Levi right next to the front slope. Observation picture. ETUOVI.COM / SOFIA LKV

Experiences for the stars

Less than a month ago, Sampo Kaulanen told about his first Levin real estate transaction. At that time, he revealed that he had bought a villa to be completed at the foot of Levi’s slopes at the end of the year. Kaulanen says that he named the 150-square-meter villa Villa Michele. This property is also in a very valuable location, as it is only a few tens of meters from the villa to the ski lift.

For the accommodation business, acquisitions are made and partners are sought.

– My dream would be to host mega-class stars here. Yes, this is exciting, because I myself have no experience in this kind of market. However, I know Lapland and the opportunities it offers inside and out. I believe that I would be able to satisfy their demanding needs in terms of accommodation and also organize experiences, says Sampo Kaulanen.

– I just have a child-like faith in myself and this thing, as well as a desire to enter this market. This is an interesting trip, if you really get to work with world stars here, he laughs.

It would be interesting for him to act as master of ceremonies for international guests, if such a thing were desired.

– My English language skills are not my strength, but with the stars, rally English can’t do well either. If you start traveling here by private plane, you have to get better car transport and of course you have to stretch to be able to serve them. I believe that I can organize pretty much everything here that they can think of to ask for and that is possible to organize within the framework of the law.

One night in Kaulainen’s penthouse will cost thousands of euros. For the sake of comparison, he points out that one night in a luxury vacation home in Aspen costs around 18,000 euros.

– This is not for everyone’s wallet. Now the aim is to please the international luxury level customer. This does not stay in that penthouse either, but the idea is to acquire more of these objects.

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