Salvador Illa makes Aragonès ugly the “mess” in the Government but supports the anti-crisis plan

  • The leader of the PSC asks the ‘president’ for “more receptivity” and extends his hand to weave agreements and approve the budgets

“This is not going. The Government does not govern. Who’s in charge here? Is there someone in charge of the Executiu?” The speech of the leader of the PSC, Salvador Islandto reply to ‘president’ Pere Aragones it seemed, in its outburst, that it was designed to throw all the cavalry on him. The opposition leader has made it clear that he thinks there is neither leadership nor project in the Generalitat, that the coalition of ERC and Junts lives caught up in “the mess” and that, predictably, he does not even want to hear about a proposal to move towards a referendum. However, after marking these distances, she has reached out, both to push forward the anti-crisis plan as to approve budgets and promote laws such as electoral, forestry or the police system.

Illa’s has been a carrot and stick speech. To make Aragonès ugly because he lives in a “chronic conflict”that most of the investiture is not only “broken”, but that its deterioration, although it has not surprised him, has occurred with “Faster” than I expected. Faced with these turbulences, the leader of the Socialists has taken pains to show that he is there, to underline that, despite the fact that he does not share the course of this Government, his vocation to act as an alternative demands responsibility to try to straighten it out.

After the lime, the sand. “She has spoken of a social shield. It seems insufficient to me, but I will give you support“, Illa has said. This has been the first cable he has sent her, although she has advanced that she will send him proposals to improve the anti-crisis plan. Aragonès has challenged him to accompany them with an explanation of where the resources will come from. There have been more attempts of approach, up to four more.The main one, the umpteenth offer for approve budgets. Until now, despite the fact that the Minister of Economy, James Giro, has opened negotiations with the PSC, Aragonès has refused to approve the accounts with the Socialists. “I would like more receptivity”Illa has asked.

The leader of the opposition has also proposed to the ‘president’ to agree on the electoral law, the forestry law and the law of the police system of Catalonia. Also a social pact and another in terms of infrastructure. Aragonès has delved into this last folder, which has reminded him of the repeated problems in Rodalies and the lack of investment and budget execution by the Government.

More forcefully has been used by the ‘president’ to embarrass the head of the opposition who does not endorse the agreement with the Canadian to advance towards self-determination nor does he put on the table a concrete proposal to resolve the political conflict. “I do not agree, it does not solve anything. It has been a ‘déjà vu'”, considered the leader of the PSC.

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And Aragonès has reminded him that until 2016 your party defended this bet, which is nothing more than an agreement for an agreed consultation. He fell from the socialist agenda with miquel iceta at the helm of the party and Aragonès understands that this means turning his back on a demand made by a large majority of citizens. “Pretending that there is no conflict of sovereignty only increases the conflict and extends it. My will is to resolve it and it will only be resolved with democracy,” he insisted, stressing that this is a proposal that he launches “as a Democrat”.

“I am about to vote an agreement”, has responded the leader of the PSC, who has demanded “respect” and that “democrat labels” not be put on or removed from those who do not defend a certain proposal. His goal, he has insisted, is “the improvement of self-governance” and has claimed to be able to claim it at the table of Catalan parties that was agreed together with the dialogue between Moncloa and the Generalitat and the bilateral one. “I have a credibility problem with you, because it was agreed, and I was, a three-legged dialogue”, he snapped.