Sale Milan to Red Bird, the prosecutors also contest the obstacle of supervision

According to Ansa, after the complaint of the Luxembourg company Blue Skye, new hypotheses of crime enter the file

In addition to an alleged embezzlement, a crime of which it had already been known, the accusation of obstruction of the supervisory bodies in the Milanese investigation is also disputed, which aims to verify, starting from a complaint by the Luxembourg company Blue Skye, the story relating to a pledge and, more generally, the sale of AC Milan from the Elliott fund to Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird, closed last August.

The Covisoc

This was reported by Ansa, which explains how in the new dispute, in the file currently without suspects, the supervisory body that would have been hindered in its functions is Covisoc, the Supervisory Commission on professional football clubs, an internal body of the FIGC . Blue Skye, now a former minority shareholder of AC Milan, complained in the complaint of damages of just over “100 million euros” due to “loss of guarantee on the loan” and an “opacity in corporate transfers” in the sale.

The point

At the end of January, the Gdf’s special currency police unit, at the disposal of prosecutors Giovanni Polizzi and Giovanna Cavalleri, acquired documents in various offices of professionals who oversaw the sale. The “pledge”, at the center of the Blue Skye complaint, as shown by the documents, had been “granted” by Rossoneri Sport in 2017 “to guarantee the credit” which Project Redblack, the vehicle company for the purchase of all era of Milan and which Elliott and Blue Skye itself were part of. Blue Skye denounced that in the subsequent sale of the club to Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Project Redblack, of which the Luxembourger was a part, he renounced that pledge.

Elliott’s answer

Already in recent months an Elliott spokesman had specified that “BlueSkye has initiated a series of frivolous and vexatious disputes in Luxembourg and now in New York, which Elliott and co-investor Arena Investors consider nothing more than an attempt to extract value to which BlueSkye is not entitled”.