Sad daughter looking for precious painting of deceased father

Who bought a painting in the thrift store in Den Bosch with the Sisters of Orthenpoort on it? Cissie Bosters would give a lot to find out. Due to a mistake by her sister, the heirloom ended up at the thrift store. And now it’s sold. “I have been roaring and I am still devastated. It was our porridge and it is sacred to me”, says Cissie sadly.

The painting shows a typical street in the center of Den Bosch. Cissie knows the picture inside out. When she was little it hung in her grandmother’s living room and then for many years with her father. “It was important to him, his birthplace was on it,” she says. “In his younger years he almost fell into the Dieze.”

“She was told she was too late. It had already been taken to the thrift store.”

When her father died a few years ago, the heirlooms were divided. Cissie’s sister then took the painting with her, but recently wanted to get rid of it. She asked in the family group app if anyone wanted the painting and Cissie’s younger sister did. “When she came by after two weeks, she was told she was too late. It was already in the thrift store,” says Cissie, bewildered.

She became completely upset when she heard that the painting was gone. “I was in France myself, so I couldn’t immediately go to the thrift store to turn everything upside down,” she says. “But I roared.” When she immediately called the next day to ask if the painting was still there, she received bad news. “They said it was already gone,” says Cissie sadly. And they couldn’t find out to whom.”

“It was probably sold to a trader.”

That is why Cissie posted a message on social media asking if anyone has seen the painting. A resident of Den Bosch responded that he had indeed seen someone walking out of the thrift store with the painting. “They recognized it because it was Den Bosch,” says Cissie. “That person had a lot more with him, so it was probably sold to a trader.”

“My father would have been very sad too.”

She fears that it has already been sold on. “The idea of ​​it hanging on someone else makes me sick,” says Cissie. The painting is probably not worth much. A few tenners at the most, because a cousin of Cissie’s found the same painting on an auction site for that amount.

“But it has a lot of value for us. It’s our porridge and it’s sacred to me,” says Cissie emotionally. “It has been in the family for so long that we didn’t want to lose it. If my father had found out about this, he would have been very sad too.”

The painting with the gold frame around it was sold at the Vindingrijk thrift store in Den Bosch. Do you know who has it? Send an email to [email protected]