‘Ruud de Wild not honest about our telephone conversation’

Gerard Joling states that Ruud de Wild manipulated their telephone conversation and is not honest about the outcome. “That man really reacted so hysterically to it.”


There are few celebrities who react so extremely angry to criticism as Ruud de Wild. That man has been lashing out at all his critics in recent weeks. For example, he blackened Rob Goossens by spreading a harmful lie about him and it was also Gerard Joling’s turn because he called the radio DJ ‘unsavory’.

Hysterical Ruud

Gerard’s sneer was classic Hilversum; just before that, he had personally complimented Ruud on his appearance. Riots are part of showbiz, but he took this very personally. He decided to scold Gerard during a telephone conversation, record it and broadcast it on television. Very sad.

Gerard finds it unbelievable how dramatically Ruud reacts. “Yes, that’s also a thing, isn’t it? Jesus. That man reacted so hysterically to it and I think that’s a pity,” he says Radio 538.

Quarrels and riots

What exactly happened? Gerard: “I was in the show with Gijs Staverman, I walk out together with my plugger Dave and I say to Ruud: ‘You look good. You can see that you hang out with that Olcay. New teeth, he looked brown, his hair was short.’ And then a few weeks later I said that he looked unsavory in that real-life soap.”

He continues: “I said, ‘That’s a bit unsavory,’ you know. Well, then Dave made me go apologize. That’s what I did, because I don’t feel like fighting and riots at all.

Sorry and excuse

Frank Dane thinks Ruud is overreacting a bit. “You’ve said worse things.”

Gerard: “I thought so too. And then I thought: do it now, because we’ll be back next week with a record. So I said, “Of all they’ve been shouting about that man, isn’t this a joke?” Then I said sorry and he completely cut that into his podcast. It now seems like I say ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse’ six times.”

Lying about ending

Ruud has not been honest in his soap about the outcome of the telephone conversation, says Gerard. “At one point he said: ‘Oh man, sand over it, done, I accept it.’ That was of course not in the podcast and in the program.”

Gerard has had it with Ruud for the time being. “Let’s go, dude.”