In a note, the federation formalizes UEFA’s no. On 9 October, therefore, in Frankfurt the draw without the Russian national team

    Russia will not participate in the 2024 European Championships. The Football Association in fact communicated with a note published on its channels that it will not be included in the draw for the qualifying groups for the competition, which will be held in Frankfurt on October 9th: “The Russian national team will not participate to the draw for the qualifying phase of the European 2024. The reason is the decision of Uefa in February to suspend the participation of Russian national teams and clubs in competitions under the aegis of the organization, acting according to this default setting until further notice “.


    In reality, the news had already been anticipated by Andrii Pavelko, president of the Ukrainian federation and member of the UEFA Executive Committee, through a post on social media. The starting point is Russia’s controversy about the interview that coach Petrakov gave to the Guardian last April, in which he stated that he would have gladly taken up arms to defend his country in the conflict. Statements that earned him slight penalties. “The Russian hysteria about national team coach Olekasandr Petrakov is not worth the slightest attention, because their illogical denunciation has long been considered by UEFA. Of course there is no suspension measure and there could not have been. There was a reprimand and a minor fine that the Federation has the honor of paying. So Russia is trying in vain now – on the eve of an important match for our national team – to distract us from the preparation of the same, ”he reads. But the interesting part is in the postscript: “At the same time, the Russians have absolutely nothing to prepare for. As requested, Russia will not be on October 9 in Frankfurt. The Europeans of 2024 will be played without an aggressor country! Glory to Ukraine! ”.