Massimo Carrera former Spartak coach called Kokorin the “Russian Balotelli”

    The former coach of the Russian national team Boris Ignatiev criticized the former Spartak coach, Massimo Carrera who in an interview with, defined the Fiorentina striker Alexander Kokorin “The Russian Balotelli”, noting that the careers of the two forwards are very similar. The former Russian coach, however, reserved very harsh words for Kokorin for Match TV microphones: “This player did not take advantage of his opportunities and we did not help him in any way, giving him a lot of money for nothing, but only for his surname. This is one of the injustices in our football. What do we do now, then compare Kokorin to Pele? We spoil people ourselves, and they think they are really football players. And they are just normal people, a little better than bloggers who play soccer, “Ignatiev told Match TV.