Russell proposes a series of measures to improve Formula 1

04/24/2023 at 11:40 p.m.


The Mercedes driver acknowledged that the calendar must be reconsidered to reduce the impact on the environment

“I think Australia has to be followed by a race in the Middle East,” said the president of the drivers’ association.

Sustainability is one of the focuses of debate in the modifications studied by the World Cup Formula 1, which in 2024 plans to expand the calendar from 23 to 25 races. Grouping trips by continent to reduce the environmental impact of travel is one of the policies that the organization intends to implement. He spoke about it George Russellpresident of the pilots association.

“I think collectively we are making a really important contribution and that Stefano Domenicali is open to hearing our opinions and having conversations,” the Mercedes rider started.

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Russell acknowledged that F1 is no stranger to the climate emergency: “Obviously, Much has been said about the sustainability of the calendar, which jumps from the Middle East to America and then on to Europe. In that sense, I think that in the coming years it will improve. I think that for many fans it doesn’t make much sense either.”

There are many limitations due to the weather; We also run in certain events that have limitations as they are urban circuits, when they can be set up and so on & rdquor ;, she explained. “But I definitely think Australia has to be followed by a run in the Middle East, because I think almost all of us then go through there & rdquor ;,” she added.

“For the benefit of the 2,000 or 3,000 people who travel around the world, we would change the first session to Friday afternoon, which would allow us to have almost one more month of rest in our homes,” he settled.