Roxeanne Hazes is mercilessly attacked by the Story, the entertainment magazine of Rachel Hazes-bestie Guido den Aantrekker. “She always lied and still does!”

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    In fact, Roxeanne is the only Hazes member who never talks about family matters, but she couldn’t avoid it in Beste Zangers last week. The singer was asked why her boyfriend was with her to the recordings and therefore shared her emotions. She says she has separation anxiety because she was left alone by Rachel in her youth.

    Roxeanne destroyed

    Rachel apparently can’t handle criticism of her motherhood, because instead of putting her hand into her own bosom, she and André started an organized media attack on her daughter. It seems that ally Story has now also been deployed, the magazine of Rachel’s best friend Guido den Aantrekker.

    Guido immediately questioned Roxeanne’s statements at the Shownieuws desk just after the broadcast of Beste Zangers and is now taking it a step further. Roxeanne is today big on the cover of the latest Story with the headline: ‘Roxeanne always lied… and still does!’

    ‘I’m furious’

    The Story here quotes one Joop Kruis, who, according to the magazine, has been one of the best friends of the late André Hazes senior for decades. “I’m still furious about what Roxeanne said about her mother,” he shouts. “Roxeanne lied out loud there.”

    Roxeanne is a kind of pathological liar, says Joop more or less. “Rox has actually always lied. As a little girl and also in her teens. Roxeanne knows everything I know about her. I’m not going to hang out that dirty laundry.”

    Edwin also speaks

    This Mr Joop fills quite a few Story pages with dirt about Roxeanne. It can all be read in the latest edition of the magazine, which has been in stores since today.

    Story photographer Edwin Smulders, the house paparazzo friend of the Hazesjes, is also deployed. He says: “I was pretty close and I can honestly say that Roxeanne never showed to me that she was not happy.”

    “How filthy this is!”

    The well-known hazologist Yvonne Coldeweijer thinks it is outrageous what Guido and his Story are doing here. “Jeezus Guido this is nasty,” she says on her juice channel.

    Guido also gets a lot of comments on the Instagram channel from Story. “Guido den Aanstichter 🤮🤮🤮🤮”, says Johanna, for example. “Nauseous little man, is in Rachel’s service. How deep can you sink Guido?”

    Yvonne (not the Yvonne): “What does Den Aantrekker get from that Roggel? Everything and everyone who even says anything about that human being is razed to the ground. It’s getting more and more unbelievable. Maybe something for juice channels to dive into. The thing stinks.”

    And San: “Incomprehensible how deep Guido is in that shrew’s hole. Totally unbelievable.”


    The new edition of Story (to order separately here):