Thanks to Mou’s teachings, the Giallorossi have gone from 2.76 cards per game in the last season to only one per game in this start of the championship, with the best ratio between penalties and fouls committed

    At some point last season there was a moment when Gianluca Mancini had even become the most booked player in Europe. It seemed like a fixed fee to pay that of yellow cards. Well, that Mancini is no longer there, at least so far, given that the Giallorossi defender in the first 9 matches of the season (between the league and the Europa League) has not even taken a yellow card. But Roma goes even further, they do much better, because they are the Serie A team with the lowest number of yellow cards as a percentage of the fouls committed. For the Giallorossi, in fact, a yellow card arrives for every 9.57 fouls (64 overall, with 7 total yellow cards). Also thanks to the teachings of Mourinho, who made his players understand how to be smarter on the pitch and less blatant.

    at the top

    In the ranking of the relationship between fouls and yellow cards, Roma therefore stands out. The other big player to have an excellent relationship is Inter, which comes immediately after the Giallorossi, with a yellow card for every 8.20 fouls. Among the others at the top of the table, Napoli turns at 5.75, Juventus at 4.94, Milan at 4.53, Udinese at 4.40 and Atalanta at 3.80. The Lazio cousins, on the other hand, are those with the worst ratio ever: a penalty for every 3.20 fouls committed. And if the absolute figure is obviously pleased by the parts of Trigoria, we need to understand what lies behind the Giallorossi primacy. Certainly the Romanists have learned to be less impetuous than in the past (and not just Mancini), smarter in contrasts and interventions, less blatant in protests (Mourinho with Atalanta is a separate story). For some, however, there is also the downside. And, that is, the Giallorossi would be less bad and effective in the various game situations: contrasts, duels, one-on-one challenges.

    the comparison

    The most sanctioned player among those available to the Portuguese coach is full-back Celik with two yellow cards. The Turk with Karsdorp’s injury will now have time and a way to prove how much he is really worth. Behind him, a yellow card each for Matic, Smalling, Cristante, Pellegrini and Dybala. Last year the yellow cards in the league were even 105, an average of 2.76 per game. So far, however, the seven yellow cards in seven games lead to a full average of one card per game, almost two-thirds less than the final tally of 2021/22. In short, Roma are cautioned much less than in the past. However, it is necessary to understand whether this brings advantages or not.