The former referee adds: “After the game I received everyone’s compliments”

    Gianluca Rocchi spoke during the Social Football Summit, a two-day event dedicated to innovation in the world of football. The former referee also referred to an episode of Rome-Lazio of 2017. These are his statements:

    “The referee is a reference for games for better or for worse. Maybe it makes you angry. It is often referred to as a role that takes something away from someone else but actually enforces the rules clearly. The referee takes a lot. decisions that do not have to do with rules but with emotions. His first goal is to take care of the result. The referee is selfish and must have a lot of personality. He must feel the best on the field during the matches. L he other goal is that no player gets hurt. I have refereed 17 years of which 14 without technology. Those who are not ill for their mistake are not a professional. In the room there is a Var clerk and an Avar. They have some screens, one of which is slowed down by 3 seconds. A Var is a referee but he must also have a lot of experience with technology. At first I didn’t know that the Var could be so important. During the derby, which I consider to be one of the best games, I missed a penalty and was called back to the monitor. From that day on I understood that this tool would change my life and after the match I received everyone’s compliments “.