01/05/2023 at 00:08


    With 28 points and a PIR of 28, the Canadian shooting guard boosted the Galician victory (114-99)

    Pedro Martínez’s men commanded the game for short rents, but ended up falling

    a sensational kassius robertson (28 points, 28 PIR) allowed the Monbus Obradoiro keep alive your dream of playing the Copa del Reyafter lifting a six-point deficit to Manresa in the last minute and a half, to send the match to extra time in which the Canadian guard rounded off his spectacular game.


    Endesa League




    114- Monbus Obradoiro

    (21+21+28+21+13): Westermann (5), Thomas Scrubb (9), Robertson (28), Álex Suárez and Blazevic (6) -starting team- Philip Scrubb (20), Vicedo (16), Guerrero (12), Zurbriggen and Muñoz (8).

    99- Baxi Manresa

    (19+30+23+19+8): Waczynski (11), Jou (13), Ferrari (9), Vaulet (8), Geben (21) –starting team– Steinbergs (2), Dani Pérez (6) , Badio (5), Robinson (16), Tass (2), Sagnia (6).


    Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Alfonso Olivares and David Sánchez Benito.


    Match corresponding to the fourteenth day of the Endesa League played at the Multiusos Fontes do Sar in front of 5,327 spectators.

    After an even first quarter (10-11, 15-14, 21-19)in which Robertson already shone, Manresa hit their rival, exploiting their speed and the mistakes of the Galician team. Pedro Martínez’s team left at halftime up seven (42-49) after a 1-8 run in the last minute and a half of the second quarter.

    The Galician team managed to get up at the start of the second act, relying on their defensive work and a great Vicero (11 points in that period), but again the losses penalized him. Manresa, who dominated the rebound, regained control of electronics, although without enjoying great advantages.

    With the score tight to the maximum, they entered the last quarter. The Manresa he was loaded quickly with fouls, but obradoiro he missed several free throws. None was able to get unstuck until the exobradoirista waczynski warmed her wrist. Eight points in a row from the Pole shot at Manresa and they forced Moncho Fernández to ask for time out (80-86).

    With his team on the ropes, Robertson appeared on the scene. He first forced three free throws to which he responded quickly. Ferrari; and then he took over when his team was down six (85-91) with a minute and a half to goto send the game to extra time after his rival did not take advantage of the last possession to take the victory.

    And in extra time, the Canadian shooting guard was once again decisive for the Galician victory, with a “3+1” that gave air to obradoirowho still had to suffer until the end to ensure victory, since waczynski he had a 3-pointer to force another overtime with ten seconds to go.