It could just be that after the revelation about the Snollebollekes deception, Rob Kemps is not completely honest in his new TV show De 10 Questions. “Everything is whispered through his earpiece!”

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    Rob Kemps can be seen all week at the time of Today Inside with his first own interview program De 10 Questions. Or, well, his own… According to Yvonne Coldeweijer, he mainly plays the ventriloquist dummy of interviewer Antoinnette Scheulderman. She is known as a guest on talk shows and Linda de Mol’s confidant.

    Rob whispered?

    The earpiece that Rob wears during the recordings is intended to whisper everything to him, Yvonne says in her controversial juice channel. “SCOOP,” she says. “Now Robje Kemps has a new program in which he interviews celebrities. Now I have from a VERY RELIABLE SOURCE that Rob does not come up with these questions himself.”

    Yvonne doesn’t talk about the ten questions that are central to each episode, but about the follow-up questions he asks. “He gets them, through an earpiece (also seen in this photo) whispered by star interviewer Antoinnette Scheulderman. When you consider that Rob Kemps is not the voice of the Snollebollekes either… Fake it till you make it?!”

    Antoinette in your ear

    With this statement Yvonne refers to the exposure of Rob as a playback artist. The presenter appears to have lied for years about his Snollebollekes act. Not he, but someone else sang all those ‘songs’.

    By the way, does Antoinette pull this off often? Yes, Yvonne knows. “According to my spy, Antoinnette has been doing this for years for Linda de Mol’s interview programs. So Lin also needs live help to come up with questions.”

    Both Rob and Antoinette have not yet commented on this one juice from Yvonne.