Rob Goossens not through the dust for Jaimie Vaes: ‘She uses Lío’

Rob Goossens does not go through the dust for his statements about Jaimie Vaes. Despite her anger, he just sticks to his opinion. “Give your 3-year-old son his privacy. Now she just uses it.”


Jaimie Vaes has said in an interview that her son Lío is showing signs of autism. One thinks it’s good that she makes this negotiable, the other thinks it’s a violation of his privacy. Rob Goossens belongs to the latter group, who addressed the reality star strictly at the desk of RTL Boulevard. “I was terrified!”

Rob responds

A mother of two young children wrote an angry post about this and that piece has been fully embraced by Jaimie. The lady in question thinks that Rob stigmatizes people with autism by pretending that this is a condition that you don’t want the outside world to know about. “Rob, you deserve a big, fat pat on the back.”

What nonsense, Rob responds now Boulevard. “There is now the impression that I would think you should be ashamed if you are autistic or show signs of autism, which of course is absolutely not the case. Only whatever is wrong with you, I think you always decide for yourself whether you want to share it with the world. Whether you want to break taboos.”

‘Give him that privacy’

Jaimie doesn’t have to make this decision for Lío, says Rob. “Whether it concerns signs of autism, actual autism or bedwetting: she decides here for a boy who cannot yet communicate to share this with the whole world.”

Colleague Frank Dane: “Isn’t that allowed? Because she is his mother.”

Rob: “Yes, she can, but I would absolutely not do that myself. I would at least give him that privacy. And of course they should know at school because it affects how they treat him, but I don’t feel like I have the right to know that from a 3 year old boy. And yet we all know it now. That was what mattered to me.”

Used or abused

Rob concludes: “At the same time: Jaimie has also let me know that she has received reactions from other mothers that feel enormously empowered. Of course I am very happy for those other mothers, so I’m not saying it’s 100 percent wrong, just whether Lío had to be used or abused for that, I don’t think.”

Juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer fully agrees with Rob. She says on her juice channel: “Not everyone is waiting for his or her medical information to be thrown out on the street before you are 4 years old. It’s not Jaimie’s job to break a stigma to help other parents at the expense of Lio’s privacy. That is ridiculous.”

She concludes: “Child has enough to endure already. And who says he really has autism? He is 3. Trauma and attachment problems can also play a role in a child’s development. That can still go either way.”


Rob’s response: