11/23/2022 at 01:11


    The communicator came to press the red buttons of some of his colleagues to stop the number

    Risto Mejide is once again relentless at the start of the semifinals of the eighth edition of ‘Got Talent Spain’. The jury of the Telecinco format has not cut a hair when it comes to showing their opinion on the surreal performance of the duo Bikoon! in the first live gala, which he tried to stop by pressing the red button of some of his colleagues: “this is bullshit“.

    It seems to me that we have just witnessed the biggest television nonsense I have ever seen. I’m talking about what happened on stage. It seems to me that it has gotten out of hand at an extraordinary level”, said Mejide, before addressing Dani Martínez, who gave everything during the number: “It seems very good that you had a great time, but do it at home . This is ‘Got Talent,’ man. So sorry”.

    The presenter of ‘Everything is a lie’ continued his assessment, assuring in a serious tone that this contest matters to him: “This is my job. Here our responsibility is to make very talented people reach a final that they have been looking forward to all their lives.” .

    Faced with his anger, Dani Martínez, who defended the performance as hard as he could, got on the table and challenged Risto Mejide as if it were a game of poker: “I see your nonsense. I’m going to do my job well, which I think is what touches us For this reason, I want to propose the gold pass“.

    Do you want the gold pass? One thing: I owe myself to what people want. If Spain wants the golden pass…“, expressed Mejide after hearing the cheers of the public in favor of Martínez’s proposal. “The public will have its time to vote. You now decide for yourself,” Edurne told him to calm the publicist’s spirits.

    Seeing that the jury did not agree, Santi Millán understood that there was no golden pass for the duo, who were fired by Risto Mejide with a very recognizable Japanese word after getting away with it: “Sayonara”.