Rijsenhout under the spell of missing Yasmine (13): “We combed the entire village”

Since last night, 13-year-old Yasmine from Rijsenhout has been missing. So far there is no trace of her. “It is worrying,” explains the spokesman for the police. “We have every reason to look for her.”

Last night at a quarter to nine, the report of the missing came in to the police. The police immediately started a search in the Rijsenhout area, but in vain. The search resumed this morning. “We are also looking at other locations where this girl can be linked to,” the spokesperson explains. The police do not want to share which locations this concerns.

The village in turmoil

The disappearance of the teenager buzzes throughout the village. “After we received the report, we actually immediately started looking,” says Patricia van den Bosch. Van den Bosch is the administrator of the Facebook group ‘What Rijsenhout needs to know’, which serves as a kind of bulletin board for the village.

When Patricia shares the report within the group, the whole village immediately takes action. “We all combed the entire village together last night,” she explains. From groups of elderly people with flashlights to young people on a scooter. Everyone was looking for Yasmine yesterday. “Unfortunately, little has come out of that.” According to Patricia, this decisiveness typifies the village of Rijsenhout. “Everyone comes together,” she explains. “Because if it were my child, I would want the same thing.”

The police asks anyone who knows or sees anything about Yasmine to report.