It seems a bit as if Tokio Hotel had given up. As if they’d capitulated to anyone who still wanted to hear the old stuff, despite the band’s efforts to swim their way out of teen stardom (and the tabloid presence of half their staff) with slickly produced albums like DREAM MACHINE. In all seriousness, they now open their new LP with “Durch den Monsoon 2022”. The reprise of their biggest hit sounds classy and airy, a bit like what a 16-year-old would have imagined a designer kitchen to be. The accompanying album is called 2001, named after the founding year of the Magdeburg band, but it offers: adult pop in the best sense of the word.

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    Nice, elastic electro songs like “Happy People Make Sad”. Noughties nostalgia numbers like “When We Were Younger” that sound like MGMT without the acid. Plus cuddly songs, which fortunately never sound as German-poetic, never as provincial as the majority of their colleagues in this country – and not because Tokio Hotel sing in English and have been based in Berlin and LA for years. In 2001, pop that doesn’t care at its worst is pretty great at its best. Only “Through the monsoon” didn’t really have to be repeated.


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