Review: Dillon :: 6abotage

When Dominique Dillon de Byington aka Dillon released her piano-influenced debut THE SILENCE KILLS eleven years ago, she was an exception on the Berlin electro label BPitch Control. After increasing electronification, 6ABOTAGE, which the native Brazilian recorded with producer Alexis Troy (Kollegah, RIN), is now hardly out of the ordinary.

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The elegiac intro and outro of the album, which lasts just under half an hour, takes up the Fleetwood Mac classic “Rhiannon”
on. In between, however, Dillon sounds more groove-oriented and clubbing than ever. Usual gloomy and cool, but less experimental. And no piano far and wide.

The fragile girl’s voice of the Berliner-by-choice also radiates more attitude when she oscillates between hypnotic Frost-Pop, Electro-R’n’B and TripHop, even penetrating somnambulistic trap territory to Troy’s beats. Its production is expansive but not overwhelming, with nice little sprinklings like the music box-like interlude or an oriental string sound, to be heard in the rebellious “Separate Us”. Dillon talks about trauma, escape and destructive love on 6ABOTAGE. But a little booty shake is also allowed.


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Her fourth record is to be called “6abotage” and will be released this year.

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