Stand the crisis hits the restaurant world hard, catering hits hard on customers. The chain is always the same. On the other hand, if utilities and raw materials have an ever higher cost, restaurateurs have to survive and to do so they increase prices, something that has already been largely done and, they count on having all the tables covered in order not to go into the red.

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    Fines at the restaurant for those who do not respect the reservation

    And it is precisely on this second point that the novelty arrives: for a few months in Rome the locals have started to apply a fine for those who do not respect the reservation.

    New, because, the fine for those who do not show up was previously only foreseen in high-budget restaurants. Now, if the Roman initiative takes hold, the phenomenon could be extended to many even smaller realities.

    The amount is at the discretion of the restaurateur.

    Deposit or credit card to book

    The system that currently exists, does not provide for fines at all. Indeed, some ask for a deposit for the reservation which is then discounted at the time of the bill, in other cases they ask your credit card number.

    Nothing different from the system used by hotels, that is payment of some kind of fine like when you don’t cancel a stay reservation in time.

    Autonomous initiative of restaurateurs

    Clearly, although it is a gesture of rudeness, it is not a crime to book and not show up at the restaurant even without warningno law is violated and therefore there is no real sanction. In fact, in essence, no crime is being committed, but the restaurateurs disagree.

    Between the economic crisis, inflation and price increases, they say, How can they protect themselves from this bad habit? Organizing independently to avoid unpleasant last minute surprises.

    Fines at the restaurant, but how much?

    But how much is the fine for those who book but don’t show up? There is no pre-established and equal figure for everyone, it is at the discretion of the restaurateur. It can go from 10 euros up to 250 euros, depending on the venue.

    It remains that, at the moment, the only way to make this “fine” pay is the system that was mentioned previously. That is, or to pay a deposit which will be discounted at the time of the bill.

    Or in other cases, allow the reservation only with a valid credit card (not prepaid) from which the money of the fine will be withdrawn in case of no-show at the venue on the date established by the reservation.