Land trends speak for themselves, will be the red hair to dominate autumn-winter 2022/23. Warm and vibrant shades that can be pure or mixed with browns and blondes to create multi-faceted shades suitable for every personality. Emanuele Temperini, Technical Director of Toni & Guy Italia reveals all the new nuances.

    Red hair autumn-winter 2022/23: the nuances to try

    «Red will be one of the most requested colors for the next one autumn-winter season 22/23. Warm, luminous, invigorating, energetic and strong shades, such as the “Red Alert” presented by Kenzo in the latest collection, will be the undisputed protagonists “he begins to explain Emanuele Temperini.

    “It’s about a flashy nuance that denotes character, positivity and desire to be remembered. It is a multi-faceted color that can become extremely versatile and tailor made: calibrating the shades towards warm or cold according to the undertone of the wearer ».

    The red hair of autumn 2022, the inspirations: Sophie Turner, Julianne Moore, Sadie Sink

    “Sundial red”, inspired by nature

    «The“ Sundial Red ”nuance is linked to nature, to the sun, to light. Remember the passage at noon: a copper nuance – organic and authentic – that connects us with the earth and reminds us that we must live in a sustainable way »explains Emanuele Temperini.

    “It’s the version of red richer than yellow, harmonizes the warm and light undertone of the skin. In armocromia she marries with the colors of spring ».

    “Strawberry brunette”, the red that blends with brown

    «The last declension of the “Strawberry Brunette” is ideal for those with a more reserved character and it will be a real trend regarding i red hair autumn winter 2022 2023“.

    “It’s about a deeper shade of red, softened by the presence of brown. She goes perfectly with complexions that love contrast or darker and warmer undertones »continues the expert.

    “Honey blonde strawberry”: the warm-auburn blonde

    In addition to brown, red can also be mixed with brighter and warmer shades of blondthus giving life to warm and slightly pink shades.

    «This nuance needs a clear base: it is pperfect for those who love blondes but do not want to miss the opportunity to wear a red. L’honey blonde strawberry masterfully harmonizes on people who have a warm undertone ».

    Strawberry blonde, the color that suits everyone

    “Louscious red”: the delicious red

    «Evolution of the“ Blood Stone ”- a bright and invigorating ruby ​​red color – the new Louscious Red conveys the unmistakable power of red giving life to a classic and timeless color“.

    «This shade is ideal for making very deep and intense hairlook, since it combines the pure color of ruby ​​with the warm facets of brown: thus giving life to an energetic, vibrant and luminous nuance ».

    Foliage: the lightening technique for red hair

    «Finally, if we talk about autumn colors, we cannot help but think of the coppery mantle created by the leaves that fall to the ground and all their shades. The term foliage it is also used to describe the lightening technique of the moment, where two skills blend together: that of highlights and that of balayage ».

    How is it created? «Strands are selected and freehand color is appliedas for balayage, after which the sections are wrapped in papers or “Foils” which help speed up the lightening processcreating a much brighter and brighter result than traditional balayage ».

    The real revolution lies in the way in which the colorist applies the “Foils”. “The lightening will be incisive and bold, but with a very natural effect at the root, thanks to the “High Gloss” finishing service, a latest generation toner that gives depth at the roots and lightness on the lengths »concludes the expert from Toni & Guy.