The record attempt of swimmer Alper Sunaçoğlu, which he aimed to achieve in the 35-kilometer distance between Eceabat and Gökçeada, due to Veterans Day, has started.

    Sunaçoğlu entered the water from the Big Bone Fisherman’s Shelter, where he came in the morning, and made a warm-up tour.

    After unfurling the Turkish flag, Alper Sunaçoğlu took his first strokes in the swimming event, which was planned to last approximately 8 hours.

    In a statement to reporters, Sunaçoğlu said that he held the solo swimming event on the occasion of Veterans Day.

    Stating that he took the necessary permissions and entered the water to commemorate the veterans and martyrs, Alper Sunaçoğlu said, “Our event is just one of the many events held in the program of our Çanakkale Governor’s Office. Our Çanakkale Governor commemorates our veterans and martyrs in many events today. We wanted to contribute as much as we could here. For this reason. “We will swim here today from Çanakkale’s Eceabat district to Gökçeada. We wanted to make a record attempt by swimming a distance of approximately 35 kilometers in less than 8 hours. We want to dedicate this to all our martyrs and veterans.” said.

    Emphasizing that the weather was not suitable for swimming conditions, but that he still wanted to swim, Sunaçoğlu said, “It will be a difficult day technically. We will try to swim in the wind that blows at 40 kilometers. The Coast Guard Command has a warning not to swim. We will fight the waves of 3.5 meters, but we are back today. We do not want to return. We want to conclude this event successfully on this meaningful day.” used the phrases.