Reconstruction of Minnewaterpark starts | Focus and WTV

Reconstruction of Minnewaterpark starts

The Minnewaterpark is an important gateway for bus tourists and a romantic place for Bruges residents. The park has been owned by the city for 50 years. So it’s high time to tackle it. Mercedes Van Volcem: Alderman of Public Domain Bruges: “The people who are in the Minnewaterpark will have a view of the lake, the ‘lake of love’. All paths will be renovated and the green chairs will remain. I think it will be a nice realization that will hopefully be finished by March 24.”

The Minnewaterpark should also become much more colorful with flowers. The works will start next Monday. The park is closed to all visitors for safety. The intention is that the Cactus Festival and Party in ‘t Park will take place again next summer. “It is a clear choice by the city that we want to hold those festivals, which are so charming in the park, in our park. There was also consultation with the festivals. For example, they do not want extra trees, which I can understand, they want We could also place a stage. We sat together a lot and intensely and thought about how we can redesign the park without blocking them.”

The reconstruction of the Minnewater Park will cost almost 600,000 euros. Next week, work will also start to renovate the Katelijne Park in Assebroek.