Readers promote the Gazzetta: ‘So we are part of a real community’

A survey commissioned by rosea to Ipsos promotes rosea: 69% give a vote from 8 to 10. And 80% of readers practice at least one sport

A successful newspaper must appeal to readers: put this way it may seem a simple and obvious truth, but it is not easy to achieve this result, otherwise it would be within everyone’s reach. It is therefore very important to know who the person who buys, reads and enters the pink world every day is and what they think. La Gazzetta commissioned Ipsos to carry out a research on its readers (4,000 interviews with the Cati/Cawi system) and the response was highly satisfying because it highlighted how the editorial offer is considered to be of the highest level by virtually all of the interviewees who gave their votes and promoted the newspaper with honors. 69% rated Gazzetta with a rating ranging from 8 to 10, while 27% gave us a 6 or 7. The average rating is 8, much higher than what is usually recorded for other newspapers.


Over time, a real community has developed around Gazzetta, that is, a group of people who share the same interests and above all feel good about being together. 75% of those questioned put this sense of belonging among the first reasons that prompt them to read: “It makes me feel part of a community”. Other opinions expressed: “Gazzetta is pleasant to read” for 92%, “it is a point of reference for sports enthusiasts” for 89% and “it is modern and always knows how to renew itself” for 88%.

The newspaper is part of people’s habits, so much so that 83% of readers say they are: “Very fond of it”. The research also shows that the typical reader of the Gazzetta is precisely the person that every sports magazine would like to have as an adventure companion: 85% say they are interested in at least two disciplines while 73% rise to three or more, numbers which have an important consequence because it means that reading is not limited to a few pages, those dedicated to one’s favorite team, but extends from the beginning to the end of the newspaper. And that sport – for our reader – has become a true lifestyle that directs and determines his daily choices clearly emerges from another figure: 8 out of 10 say they regularly practice at least one physical activity. Football, cycling, tennis and swimming are favourites, but there is also running, basketball, volleyball and skiing just a stone’s throw away. Passionate and involved, dynamic and active, this is our reader. What more could you want?