The indictment has been initiated in the Helsinki district court on October 12.

    Rap artist Kevin Tandua charged with a felony drug offense. Among other things Summer vacation Tandu, known for the song, is the only accused in the case.

    If Tandu is found guilty of a crime, he can be sentenced to at least one and at most ten years in prison.

    What makes a drug crime egregious is, for example, the fact that the drug in question is extremely dangerous or, alternatively, there has been a significant amount of it.

    If you don’t see the embed, you can watch it from here.

    A serious drug crime can also be charged when the perpetrator of the crime aims for a significant financial gain.

    The charge in question can also be made if the crime is committed as part of the activities of an organized criminal group, as it causes a serious risk of life or health to several people, or if narcotics are distributed to minors or otherwise in a ruthless manner.

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