Rammstein concerts: catering, police & city satisfied

    The fans came, as had been called, en masse to the concert by bicycle. For tonight there are therefore 1,500 extra bicycle sheds in the free bicycle parking along the Duinkerkerkseweg. And the local catering industry is also very satisfied.

    Hotels as good as full

    Ticket sales show that yesterday 7 percent and today 10 percent of concert-goers come from abroad. The 3,000 beds of the Ostend hotels were almost fully booked a year ago.

    “We thought it was suspicious that people had booked so early,” says Bart Boelens of Horeca Middenkust. “But an hour before people leave, you see people change their clothes. You see the Ramstein T-Shirts and jackets come up and then you know people come for Rammstein.”

    The restaurants and cafes are also doing well. At the hotel where Rammstein is staying, a few die-hard fans hope for an autograph.