Rachel Hazes is completely demolished after her outburst of anger at Yvonne Coldeweijer. People no longer believe her after the incessant lying about her son André.

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    It was announced yesterday evening by Yvonne Coldeweijer as the ‘scoop of the year’: André Hazes Jr. would have broken up with his mother Rachel. The juice queen got hold of André’s farewell letter to Sarah van Soelen last weekend and André would be ‘one hundred percent’ sure that Rachel is behind it.

    Rachel denies

    Rachel now retrieves in a message Instagram mercilessly hard on Yvonne. She starts with a denial. “Jeez, I thought we’d had all the lies by now, but it can always be worse! I am now suddenly accused again of sending a letter to Yvonne Coldeweijer.”

    She continues: “A really serious accusation, while everything she has to say about me is completely wrong. What would be the reason for sending a letter to her about my son’s private affairs?! As a mother, I will not only always stand behind my son, but also for and next to him, so there is no question of a breakup.”

    Hard punch

    Then Rachel addresses Yvonne directly. “Sorry Yvonne, but your hatred towards the Hazes family and especially towards me is starting to get really laughable and you are now even going to claim things, such as sending a letter, without being able to substantiate or prove this further.”

    So no hard denial. She continues: “Despite the fact that you have to live with all this hatred and frustration every day in order to earn your money and I actually feel a little sorry for you, I still wish you a happy life.”

    Yvonne responds

    What does Yvonne think of this? She points out that Rachel also lied for quite some time about André’s addictions. Even then she accused Yvonne of lying. “A bit like when I was the only one who reported that André Hazes had no burnout, but was heavily addicted in the clinic. When only 1% of it was true 😂.”

    She subtly points to the reaction module of RTL Boulevard, where people really let loose all the time on Rachel. Hellie says: “Have to be honest: nine times out of ten, Yvonne is right.”

    And Henk: “Hahahahaha, they make a wonderful soap out of it. Personally, I tend to take what Yvonne says; that is usually more correct than what that fried croquette all says.”

    Nauseous human

    Many people also complain that Rachel is disgusted by Yvonne’s business model. Joyce: “Let’s not talk about how you earn your money, Roggel! Nauseating person 🤮.”

    Dunc: “’If you have to earn money’, says the woman who has been living on the surname of for years, and who has written a book about her dead husband. This fried meatball is no longer relevant.”

    Puck: “The hatred towards Yvonne is sometimes great, people either hate her or love her. But she just gets it right time and time again.”

    And Danielle: “Yvonne is almost always right so Rachel better keep her mouth shut and try to strengthen ties with her kids so she can finally see her grandchildren.”


    The scathing reactions to Rachel: