The 39-year-old man from Purmerend, who was arrested last week on suspicion of trafficking in drugs and firearms, is said to have plans to commit an attack on John van den Heuvel. Sources report that RTV Purmerend.

    The investigation into the resident of Purmerend started in September. The police tracked him down recently decrypted chats on messaging service Sky ECC. The man is said to have discussed possible liquidation plans in early 2021.

    John van den Heuvel told about the arrest in a Today Inside broadcast last Friday: “I received a call last week that two people were arrested on Tuesday, who spoke about me, among other things. They had my address details and wanted to know my passport number and citizen service number.” he told. According to the crime reporter, Mick van Wely and the now deceased Peter R. de Vries were also mentioned in the chat messages.


    Multiple sources confirm to RTV Purmerend that the arrested Purmerender spoke about the liquidation plans. The national prosecutor’s office of the Public Prosecution Service does not deny the allegations. “We have started an investigation and we will not say anything further,” said a spokesman.

    In addition to the Purmerender, a 26-year-old man from Eindhoven was also arrested. During the search of their homes, the police seized mobile phones, expensive watches, pepper spray, a firearm, parts of a firearm, some ammunition and hundreds of grams of hashish. The suspects are currently detained for two weeks and are only allowed to have contact with their lawyer.