BrusselsOn Saturday morning, a forced admission procedure was started for the man who threatened to commit an attack in a hospital yesterday. This is confirmed by the public prosecutor’s office in Brussels.

    The 24-year-old man would have threatened to commit an attack on Friday morning at the Sint Anna hospital in Anderlecht, after which he fled. The police then went on a massive search for the man. On Friday evening he was then nabbed in Sint-Joost-ten-Node.

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    The prosecutor’s office in Brussels started a Nixon procedure this morning. This means that the man is forcibly admitted to a closed care institution. The public prosecutor also said that it would not provide any additional information about the case.

    Last week, the death of police officer Thomas Monjoie caused a lot of outrage after it emerged that suspect Yassine Mahi had reported to the police station earlier that day because he felt hatred towards the police. Then the Brussels prosecutor’s office decided not to start the Nixon proceedings. The public prosecutor’s office is therefore not taking any risks. Several procedures for compulsory admission were already started this week.

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