Lil Kleine will give a performance in our country for the first time since the abuse of his ex-girlfriend Jaimie Vaes on Saturday, but will he come off the stage unscathed? “There are calls for beer-throwing.”

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    There has been an extraordinary amount of criticism of the Tiktak Festival in Rotterdam’s decision to facilitate Lil Kleine’s comeback on stage. “Wow, this is very unfortunate from you”, sounds the criticism under the announcement on Instagram. And: “Nowadays we book abusers at festivals? Very interesting.”

    Concerns about Lil Kleine

    How on earth is it possible that Lil Kleine is welcome at that festival this Saturday? “We found out today that Lil Kleine and his manager Nathan Moszkowicz are friends with the owner of the festival, so it seems a bit like a favor,” explains showbiz expert Rob Goossens in RTL Boulevard.

    No one wants to comment on this bold choice. “We were not really able to present it to any of those involved, because both the management of Lil Kleine, the organization and Lil Kleine himself were not available. They may think: that is step one towards rehabilitation.”

    Seriously pelted?

    Boulevard host Luuk Ikink is surprised about the comeback of Lil Kleine. “It’s quite a surprise, because I think we all thought: he will wait until there has been a lawsuit or whatever, but now he is suddenly there.”

    There are now serious concerns that Lil Kleine will be seriously pelted at the festival. Rob: “There are massive calls for, among other things, beer throwing. I would like to say: guys, don’t do that, beer is just too expensive for that. Mix it with water first, then throw it!”


    The announcement on Instagram with the massive criticism below: