Pooh, in Sanremo with Thought and the memory of Stefano D’Orazio

Rhere they are at San Remo. THE Pooh they are the first super guests of this year’s festival. They will hold court during tonight’s prime time together with the first 14 singers in the competition. After 2016 reunionon the occasion of the 50 years of the band, and the victory at the Ariston with Lonely men of 1990, the Poohs return to that stage.

They get back together with Richard Sheets and without the drummer Stephen D’Orazio, who left us in 2020. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the history of the group that was formed in Bologna back in 1966 and for pay homage to a friend and musician who is no more. Meanwhile, today they announced a concert at San Siro for next July 6th: Pooh – Friends forever (produced and organized by Friends & Partners). Tickets are already in presale.

The Poohs, 50 years of career and the return of Stefano Fogli

The Poohs have made the history of Italian music with their successes over the course of a 50-year career. The first big hit was Little Katy of 1968then arrive in 1971 Lots of desire her And Thoughtmeanwhile they take over the band Dodi Battaglia and Stefano D’Orazio which they replace Valerius Negrin and Mario GorettiWhile Richard Sheets leaves for a solo career. In 1973 the new bass player was chosen Red Canzian.

Successes multiply: from Just give me a minute of 1977 y I will think tomorrow of 1978, a Who will stop the music of the eighties. In 1990 i Pooh participate for the first time in the San Remo Festival and hit the mark with the overwhelming Lonely mensung on that occasion also with Dee Dee Bridgewater.

Sanremo 2023, the Pooh super guests with Riccardo Fogli: the announcement of Amadeus

In 1996 the album arrives Friends forever. In 2015 the group announces the reunion in which it also participates Richard Sheets: together they perform in a series of concerts to celebrate their history and to definitively say goodbye to their audience. The Poohs dissolve, but first they move to Sanremo in 2016. Tonight the group meets in the name of Stephen D’Orazio.

The Poohs with the special Telegatto for their 50-year career celebrated in 2016. On the far right Stefano D’Orazio.

The party continues on February 15 on Rai 1

After Sanremo we will find the Pooh on Rai 1 prime time in the docu-film Pooh – One more moment. The band that sold 80 million records he lays bare by telling anecdotes of his personal and professional life obviously accompanied by the notes of some of the best songs of Italian music that have marked several generations.

This is not a classic documentary. To hold the strings of the story is Mariasole Pollioin the role of Gretaa young twenty-year-old and aspiring director who tells, through the point of view of iGenerationthe history of the group, divided into six milestones, each marked by a successful song. Archive images, memories, interviews And fan stories alternate to the music of the Pooh.

Roby Facchinetti robbed in his home in Bergamo

In recent days an event dramatic hit one of the members of Pooh. Keyboardist and singer Rob Facchinetti was robbed by three armed men in his home in Bergamo. They were also there wife Joanna and the son Robert.

Three people managed to enter the villa of the singer and at gunpoint they allegedly forced Facchinetti to deliver jewelry and valuables contained in a safe. It does not appear that any doors or windows were forced open.

The case is being investigated and the son Francesco Facchinetti he reassured about the conditions of his family: «Fortunately, despite the madness of the thing they are fine. What can I say? I can say that I am very sad and embittered at how our country has transformed», he declared on social media.