Neighborhood, village houses and sports facilities in the municipality of Emmen can count on financial support. That became clear during this afternoon’s discussion of the budget.

    The two coalition parties, Wakker Emmen and PvdA, submitted an amendment to this, together with the VVD and SP, say an amendment to the budget. The rents for village houses, community centers, cultural centers and sports accommodations will therefore be frozen next year.

    The measure is necessary because these institutions have had an extra difficult time. The aftermath of corona and the energy costs that have risen from the pan are the main causes, according to party chairman Leo Hoogenberg of Wakker Emmen. Financially speaking, they are not having an easy time right now. They are up to the task, so extra support is a must, says Hoogenberg.

    Sustainability is the key to reducing costs for sports associations. With sustainability, the rising energy costs can be curbed and the facilities can be kept afloat. According to Hoogenberg, they are important, because according to him they are “the cement of our society.” The amendment will be voted on on Thursday. But since a majority is in favour, this is only a formality.

    The VVD also submitted two comparable amendments. The liberals want the municipality to dig deeper with regard to the four privatized open-air baths and two sports halls in Emmen.

    “We therefore have to give them a financial boost, so that they can get some air,” says De Jonge. The municipality had already planned to increase the annual contribution for both facilities. The annual contribution for the swimming pools will be increased by 25 percent, that for the sports halls by 30,000 euros. The VVD proposes to increase this further to 50 percent and 50,000 euros respectively.

    Aldermen Jisse Otter and Pascal Schrik said they would not oppose the proposals. Schrik did make a comment about the swimming pools. “Our bottleneck pot can also be called upon for this. I therefore regard this amendment as a back-up.”