After the news of the death of Carlitos Balavarious political and media figures fired the humorist on Twitter.

    The president of the PRO Patricia Bullrichdeputy Diego Santilli and the deputy Grace Ocana They were some of the first to offer their condolences for Balá’s departure, and they did so with emoticons and photos that refer to the “gesture of idea”, the famous crutch of the comedian.

    “Carlitos Balá left us. He was a unique actor. He made us laugh and made the lives of many generations happy, being a testimony of that good Argentine character that we have to defend”, Bullrich wrote in his tweet. Ocaña called it “a benchmark of his childhood” and Santilli cited the remembered catchphrase “What is the taste of salt?”.

    Luis Petrifrom the UCR, and Veronica Magario deputy governor of the province of Buenos Aires and former mayor of La Matanza, of the Front of Everythings They also added their greeting. “May you rest in peace,” Magario said, and Petri sent “condolences to his relatives.”

    In the media world, Balá was also fired. Radio Miter’s Twitter account published a photo where several figures, among which stand out Edward Feinman Y Alberto Cormillotwith an “idea gesture” to fire the comedian.

    In turn, the host of “A dos vozs” (TN) Marcelo Bonelli He also made his condolences public. The telefe host Cristina Perez He thanked the comedian for “the smiles of a lifetime.”

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