A screaming man (32) kept a neighborhood in Lelystad quite awake last night. He took to the streets roaring loudly three times, until the police had had enough. It eventually earned him a night in jail.

    Around half past one at night, the police received several reports of a man walking through the street Sparrowhawk screaming loudly. It is not known why he did that, but local residents in the new Warande residential area went crazy.

    It turned out to be a ‘very well-known multiple offender’, a 32-year-old Lelysteed. The police sent the man away again and again, but he always came back a little later.

    Into the cell

    The third time was a charm: he was arrested for disorderly conduct. Once at the station, it turned out that the man had already received a measure from the Ministry of Justice: he was not allowed to commit any criminal offense. “Not entirely successful,” the Lelystad police noted dryly on Twitter.