Police drive through city at 160 km / h for reconstruction fatal accident

The police will close part of the Ringbaan-Oost in Tilburg on Monday evening due to a reconstruction of the serious accident on December 21 in which a 61-year-old cyclist died. Another cyclist (72) was seriously injured. The driver of the BMW drove way too fast and took off after the accident.

That Wednesday afternoon in December last year, the 37-year-old motorist tore through a red light at high speed across the intersection with the Gelrebaan. He hit the cyclist at the crossing. Then he drove an advertising column out of the ground and shoveled another woman on the bicycle.

The driver hit another parked car and then came to a stop with the car on the roadway. The driver climbed out of the window and ran, but according to an eyewitness he was immediately caught by a supplier of a flower shop a little further away.

A house was severely damaged in the accident. The car had hit the facade at full speed and it collapsed.

Travel the route with a similar car
With the reconstruction, the police want to find out exactly how fast the car drove. A specialist from the police will cover the route with a similar car, with speeds of 160 kilometers per hour being achieved.

The part of the Ringbaan-Oost, between the Enschotsestraat and the Petrus Loosjesstraat, will be closed on Monday evening from 6 pm to 11 pm.

From the Enschotsestraat, the Ringbaan-East will be closed to all traffic driving from the Ringbaan-Zuid in the direction of the Ringbaan-Noord. This cordon is up to the Petrus Loosjesstraat. It is also not possible to enter the Ringbaan-Oost in a northerly direction from a side street between those two intersections. It is possible to drive from the Ringbaan-Noord in a southerly direction to the Ringbaan-Zuid.

Diversion routes are indicated with signs.


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