Police are investigating cause of death of deceased baby

The police are investigating the death of a seven-week-old baby in Breda. The boy died last Friday in the hospital in Rotterdam. The police take into account an unnatural death, but all scenarios are still open.

The forensic team of the criminal investigation department searched the parental home on the Vestkant in Breda for hours on Saturday morning. They searched for traces of violence. It is not yet clear whether traces have actually been found.

Baby shower
The neighbors can’t imagine that the baby’s parents had anything to do with the death. “They are very good people,” says a neighbor. “They have good contact with everyone in the area.” It would be a couple in their thirties. They have two other children together.

A 65-year-old woman who also lives in the area thinks it is logical for the detective to investigate. “But I can’t believe they did something to the child themselves. My granddaughter is with their daughter. They were very proud of the child.”

This afternoon would actually be a drink at the parents’ house, to celebrate the birth of the child.