Pilate’s wife becomes new character in The Passion | show

KRO-NCRV will introduce a new character in the thirteenth edition of The Passion on April 6. Claudia Procula, the wife of the Roman politician Pilate, will play an important role. She is played by actress Nhung Dam. Her story will be further explored in The Passion Ascension on May 18, the broadcaster announced on Wednesday.

With this initiative, KRO-NCRV wants to introduce the public to a woman ‘about whom different stories have arisen over time’. It is the second time that an extra female character has been added to the story. During the twelfth edition, the broadcaster already introduced the character Maria Magdalena. With these new additions, the broadcaster wants to ‘also let other, new voices be heard in the story’.

Claudia Procula is mentioned only once in the Bible. She warns her husband about Jesus before the politician decides what to do with him. According to KRO-NCRV, the brief mention of Claudia in the Bible has led to a proliferation of stories and ideas about her. Many theories have sprung up about her message and her purpose because his wife seems very conscious of trying to keep her husband from condemning Jesus.

It became known earlier than Sinan Eroglu, Marlijn Weerdenburg, Buddy Vedder, Dragan Bakema and Thomas van Luyn play the most important roles in the biblical spectacle. The Passion will be broadcast from Harlingen this year.

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