The share of PayPal Holdings (WKN: A14R7U) had reached an all-time high of $310.16 in July last year. Below that, there was a trend reversal lasting several months in the form of a on November 9, double tops confirmed. The subsequent sell-off left the paper down to one seen at the end of June this year 5-year low at $67.58 collapse. Since then one has been running recovery rallywho last at lost momentum. Overbought market technical indicators and negative divergences signaled a vulnerability to a pullback in the ongoing recovery trend. Of the price decline from the achieved in the past week 4-month high at $103.03 should expand. Next support is at $93.61-94.66. This would include closing the quarterly figures that were positively received on August 3rd after publication Gap at $90.67 to favor. Other catch areas are at $89.49 and currently $87.71. The medium-term chart picture would only cloud over significantly if it slipped below the support zone at USD 80.22-82.48. In this case, there would be downside potential in the direction of USD 75.17-76.71 and subsequently USD 67.58-69.55. A pro-cyclical follow-buy signal would now end with a daily close above $103.03 generated. Next potential targets and hurdles are $105.95-107.75 and $115.52-117.20 if successful.