President Oke Göttlich from the second division soccer team FC St. Pauli calls for a quick solution for the “exceptional clubs” Bayer Leverkusen, TSG Hoffenheim, VfL Wolfsburg and RB Leipzig.

    “The fact is: these four clubs are system crackers,” said the member of the executive committee of the German Football League (DFL) to kicker (Monday edition) after the Federal Cartel Office had asked the DFL to make a statement on how to deal with the four Bundesliga clubs, which the 50+ 1 rule are exempt.

    Göttlich continued: “It involves various questions: How is membership participation practiced? How is there financial compensation for the financial advantage that these clubs enjoy? We must now quickly find a regulation. At the moment it is a distortion of competition, that is fact.”

    The 46-year-old also demanded a clear line from the DFL with regard to a possible investor entry. “It has not yet been proven that investors have benefited football so far,” he said. “Most of the time, investor money didn’t do anything for the infrastructure, but more money in the system primarily meant more money for players and consultants.”

    For Göttlich it would only be “debatable if it was accompanied by a strategy debate about competitive equality and tension and not about burning further funds in the rat race with ManCity or PSG.”