Paul Sorvino, Mira’s actor and father died

Un piece of cinema history is gone. Paul Sorvino, an Italian-American actor who played one of the most beloved villains of the “cinema”, the boss Paul Cicero of Those good guys.

The moving message from his wife

To break the news, his wife Dee Dee Sorvino with a moving message on Twitter: “I am completely devastated. The love of my life and the most wonderful man I’ve ever lived are gone. I am heartbroken ». Three red hearts follow. It happened on the evening of July 25th, when in Italy it was just dawn on the 26th. The actor died of natural causes.

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The father of Oscar winner Mira Sorvino

Dee Dee Sorvino was the third wife of Paul Sorvinomarried in 2014. With his first wife, the therapist Lorraine Davis, with whom he was married for twenty-two years until 1988, Sorvino had three children, including Mira, who followed in dad’s footsteps.

She is also an actress, Mira entered the Olympus of actors in ’96 when received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for The goddess of love by Woody Allen.

Paul Sorvino grandiose in Those good guys

Paul Sorvino’s is a long career in which the interpretation stands out, in Those good guys of the powerful boss Paul Cicero, inspired by the clan boss of the Lucca family, Paul Vario, who really existed.

Paul Sorvino plays Paul Cicero in Goodfellas (KikaPress)

Martin Scorsese’s 90’s film, which was nominated for six Oscars, won one for Best Supporting Actor went to Joe Pesci, for its portrayal of mobster Tommy DeVito, inspired by gangster Thomas De Simone.

Among the over 160 film and series titles in which he took part we remember Reds and Dick Tracy by Warren Beatty, Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, Nixon by Oliver Stone (where he played Henry Kissinger), Law & Order (it was NYPD sergeant Phil Cerreta) and, more recently Godfather of Harlem.

The Italian origins

Paul Sorvino had Italian origins: his father was the Neapolitan Ford Sorvino, a textile worker, his mother was the piano teacher Angela Renzi, originally from Casacalenda, in the province of Campobasso. Both he and his daughter Mira have always proudly claimed their link with Italy.