Masked members of a criminal gang broke into Paul Pogba’s apartment to extort money.

    Paul Pogba’s family celebrated France’s World Cup in 2018. On the right, Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias. PDO

    Top soccer player Paul Pogba’s the blackmail has progressed to the police investigation. Pogba’s older brother Mathias and four other people have been detained for questioning.

    According to information from the French newspaper Le Monde, Mathias Pogba would have “surrendered” himself to the investigation team. Temporary detention in France usually ends within 24 hours.

    The police’s preliminary investigation aims to find out the veracity of the claims that have appeared in public.

    Paul Pogba has claimed that his childhood friend and older brother Mathias are among the blackmailers who have been stalking him for several months.

    A gang of extortionists have been linked with a French criminal gang who say the top footballer hasn’t helped them enough after becoming a millionaire. Masked and armed members of a criminal gang have blackmailed the player in a Paris apartment.

    Paul Pogba switched from Manchester United to Juventus in the summer. According to media sources, he enjoys an annual salary of around eight million euros.

    According to the French RMC radio, the circle of friends would have extorted 13 million euros in protection money from Paul Pogba over the course of 13 years, but the player would have been able to settle for only 100,000 euros.

    Mathias Pogba uploaded a mysterious video to social media last month, where he said he was revealing something sensitive about his brother. According to RMC radio, it would be a case where Paul Pogba would have asked a witch doctor for a curse. Kylian Mbappé on.