Patty Brard wonders whether we still want to see Matthijs van Nieuwkerk on television now that the Volkskrant has revealed what kind of executioner he is. And she’s not the only Dutch celebrity who thinks this way.

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    In all those years at De Wereld Draait Door, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk appears not only to have behaved like a jerk, but also like a real tyrant. Like a sadistic executioner he spoke to employees in such a frightening manner that dozens of them have literally fallen ill and some are still suffering from it.

    Patty wants Matthijs exit

    We cannot and must not tolerate this, says Patty Brard. She says in Shownieuws: “I think that Matthijs van Nieuwkerk should not just get rid of it by saying: ‘I’m sorry.’ If you actually admit that you have behaved in such a way that it is not possible, then his next sentence should be: ‘I’m leaving’?”

    Patty finds it particularly bizarre that Matthijs wanted to see employees say sorry on their knees. “Then I really think: Jesus. It went beyond all limits. It happened in the editorial office and then he played nice weather against guests. I actually think that’s doubly wrong. (…) For me, Matthijs has fallen through the ice a bit, to be honest.”

    ‘It’s unsustainable’

    Colleague Ronald Molendijk also argues for Matthijs’ departure. “It is unsustainable. Yes, right? What do you have to do at the NPO to get fired?” he wonders. “Matthijs says he is very proud of what they have all done together. Except for those people who are now under the train. They think differently about it.”

    Angela de Jong asks Jinek whether the viewer is still looking forward to Matthijs at all. “At first he admits no guilt and now he does. I wonder if there will still be room for him in the future and if he can continue with the programs he makes.”

    Ozcan wants a second chance

    Özcan Akyol, one of Matthijs’s best friends, thinks that is a very big step from Angela. “We are already talking about whether he can ever be on TV again and stuff. Well, I think everyone deserves a second chance, so I don’t understand that at all, that it should be canceled already.”

    Angela: “If a new season of The Connection comes on TV, they will have to consider how they are going to market it. And whether there should be an interview with Matthijs after all. I think this has to sink in for a lot of people and then time will tell how it goes on. Who knows, maybe no dog will look at it later, that is also possible.”

    ‘Teeth out of his mouth’

    Johan Derksen finds the Volkskrant article ‘an exciting story’, but thinks Matthijs’ victims are ‘softies’. “It turns out to be a split personality. A very nice, friendly man and a good presenter at the table and behind the scenes a tyrant with fits of rage. But everyone knew that.”

    Matthijs’s behavior is reprehensible, says Johan. However, he argues that his victims should have been more resilient. “If someone spoke to me like that here, I would immediately knock four front teeth out of his mouth.”

    What does he think will happen? “Matthijs is great for dick. Everyone will be ashamed of it tomorrow and there will be actions that he will never be allowed on the screen again.”

    Bert vs Jan

    Omroep MAX boss Jan Slagter thinks Matthijs’ bashing is exaggerated. “At the moment we live in the Netherlands in an atmosphere of woke and it has to be all this and that and you are not allowed anything anymore. This man has meant a lot to Dutch television and his head should not be taken off,” he says in the talk show HLF8.

    Later that evening in Op1: “Does BNNVARA want to continue with Matthijs? That’s actually your question. They will discuss that. I would talk to Matthijs and I would continue with Matthijs.”

    TV director Bert van der Veer: “That is also very cynical towards all those people. Seventy people were spoken to and at least fifty of them had negative stories. It is therefore very cynical to simply say: ‘Well, you can continue.’ (…) That does not do justice to the people who have been damaged.”

    What does Tim say?

    There are also many eyes on Tim Hofman. He made a nice impression with the Voice revelations, but according to critics he knew very well about the abuses at his own BNNVARA. “Just read this piece and I was also shocked. Outrageous on all levels. I myself have often been a guest there, never been aware of this,” he claims.

    Tim wants action. “The management must ensure that this NEVER happens again, and they have also impressed on me and the BOOS editorial team that they agree with this.”

    The closing word is for Story boss Guido den Aantrekker: “Bottom line: Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is an extreme prick. What we – except for Eus – have always found in Het Vak. Get rid of it, and move on.”