The German national soccer players did not show their protest gesture against FIFA again in the second group game of the World Cup in Qatar. Spectators in the stadium caused a protest, in which ex-national player Mesut Özil played a central role.

    The German Football Association and its national players are apparently facing headwinds: Before the group game of the DFB selection against Spain, several spectators held up posters in the Al Bayt Stadium on which Mesut Özil can be seen. The 2014 world champion can be seen in the black and white pictures with a wink, some fans also held up a poster showing Özil in the jersey of the German national team.

    Explosive: At the same time, some fans showed the same gesture that the German professionals had shown before the game against Japan. The DFB players had demonstratively covered their mouths after FIFA had briefly banned the wearing of the much-discussed “One Love” captain’s armband.

    What the gesture of the fans has to do with Mesut Özil can only be speculated about so far. One possible interpretation: the German footballers are accused of double standards.

    Özil now kicks in Istanbul

    Before the World Cup in Russia, Mesut Özil, who is now 34, took a photo with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and gave him a shirt – which drew a lot of criticism in Germany. Özil subsequently accused the DFB of “racism and disrespect” and resigned from the national team after 92 international matches.

    The former world-class midfielder Mesut Özil has meanwhile been increasingly out of focus in recent years. After leaving Arsenal FC, he moved to Turkey, where he first appeared for Istanbul club Fenerbahce. He has been under contract with city rivals Basaksehir since the summer.