Outlook: Tillys A presents quarterly results

Tillys A will report on 06/01/2023 for its most recent quarter ended on 04/30/2023.

On average, 4 analysts are expecting a quarterly loss per share of -$0.338. In the prior-year quarter, the company had reported earnings of $0.030 per share.

4 Analysts, on average, expect sales to be down 13.77 percent from the $145.8 million generated in the same quarter last year. According to this, the experts are assuming an average turnover of USD 125.7 million for the past quarter.

With a view to the current fiscal year, 4 analysts expect a loss per share of USD -0.138, while USD 0.330 was reported in the same period of the previous year. In terms of sales, 4 analysts on average assume that a total of USD 645.5 million will be on the books in the current fiscal year, compared to USD 672.3 million in the previous year.

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