uA civil commitment series that tells a piece of Italian history. Our general by Lucio Pellegrini, from tonight on Rai 1 for four evenings (January 10, 16 and 17), looks at the career and personal life of Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesahis fight against the BR, the mafia and the establishment of the former Special anti-terrorism unit. He was one of the Italian civil heroes who put his life before safeguarding the country.

    It finally arrives on TV after the stop due to the political elections last September. To interpret the General is the convincing Sergio Castellittowhich returns the authority and thehumanity of a man who was the father of his children Rita, Simona and Nando, but also of those boys, in their early twenties, who formed the special nucleus in Turin.

    Our general: the plot of the first episode

    Palermo. September 3, 1982. On the notes of the song Da Da Dareleased in that year, a BMW flanks a Fiat 112 and takes off from the window a barrage of bullets that kills General Dalla Chiesa and second wife. It is the scene that opens Lucio Pellegrini’s fiction, and we are immediately projected in an Italy torn by blood, in the tumultuous squares animated by the plans of the Red Brigades. The narrator’s voice Antonio Folletto, in the role of Nicholasone of the components of the special anti-terrorism unittakes us back in time to 1973, to tell us about ten years of life and struggle Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, defender of the country.

    The colonel is promoted to general and from his Palermo, where he fought against the mafia, he is transferred to Turin to counter the so-called Red Brigades. Accompanying him is his wife Dora (Teresa Saponangelo) and the youngest daughter, Simona (Cecilia Bertozzi), not at all happy to leave her boyfriend Carlo in Sicily. Soon, however, she will get married in the barracks (for security reasons). “The Dalla Chiesa family lived all their lives in war, despite the fact that the general was a man of peace,” Castellitto said. In 1973, the chief of personnel of Fiat was kidnappedit was a kidnapping and an unprecedented gesture.

    The cast of “Our General”. (Rai)

    Forms the first special anti-terrorism nucleus from the Church

    The BR infiltrated everywhere: in the factories, in the intellectual bourgeoisie and also in the universities. We had to act to counter them. Formed the first special anti-terrorism unit from the Church made up of young people from all over Italy. They were the best men in the army: young, without family, bachelors and above all they didn’t look like Carabinieri. They had to dress like the Red Brigade members, do their hair and think like them.

    The first objective is to free the judge Mario Sossi, kidnapped in Genoa. They succeed and do more, Dalla Chiesa wants to infiltrate a certain one among the Red Brigades Silvano Girottocalled Friar Mitra, trained among the guerrillas in South America, to get to the Red Brigade leaders (Renato Curcio, Mara Cagol and Alberto Franceschini).

    The special anti-terrorism nucleus. (Rai)

    Our general it also tells the humanity of a man

    The series follows historical facts chronologically, almost as if it were a documentary. There are also some scenes shot in black and white and in 8 mm, to bring the viewer closer to the imagery of the period, which are mixed with archival images. Next to the accuracy of the description of the highlights of the eraof the figure of the general, excellently interpreted by Sergio Castellittohis relationship with the family is told: the complicity with the first wife Doralove towards children, above all the relationship with is described Simonaabout to get married in Turin, and with Nandointending to prepare a thesis on mafia. And who better than his father could help him? We will also see heated confrontations between the two.

    The intent of Our general is to put a magnifying glass on unjustly dusted factsand at the same time tell the devotion and humanity of a man who lovedalmost like a father, a group of twenty-somethings who they laid down their lives for the good of the country. “Finally, light is shed on these young people who have been forgotten for too many years – says Antonio Folletto – we met them and entered their psychology: Dalla Chiesa was like a father to them”.

    The family of Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa. (Rai)

    The emotional truth achieved with the support of Rita Dalla Chiesa

    Teresa Saponangelo And Sergio Castellitto they confronted the general’s family. “It has been a great help and a blessing to speak with Rita of the father – explains the Roman director and actor – but it is complicated and we will never fully understand the wound of this family who lost a father in such a terrible way.”

    “It is difficult to interpret someone who lives in someone’s memory and not betray that memory – he adds Teresa Saponangelo – I was worried, I looked for all the ways to return an emotional truth. It helped me a lot to chat with Rita, who told me little daily scenes between her and Carlo. Dora did not have an institutional functionbut managed to keep the family together, she was not an outgoing womanbut she was listening to the times, and was able to project her children into the future, despite the difficulties».