The US fashion and media group Authentic Brands Group LLC (ABG) is driving the realignment of the British clothing brand Ted Baker, which it acquired last autumn. On Wednesday the company announced the conclusion of a long-term strategic partnership with the Canadian trade service provider OSL.

    Under the terms of the agreement, OSL will take over Ted Baker’s wholesale and retail operations in the US and Canada going forward. According to ABG, the label currently has more than 80 of its own shops and concession areas in the region, as well as an online store. As part of the partnership, Ted Baker’s North America team, currently based in New York, will move to OSL. However, the brand’s London headquarters are still responsible for design and product development.

    John McNamara, ABG’s Chief Transition Officer, explained the background of the cooperation with OSL. “A key element of our growth strategy was finding a leading North American operator for Ted Baker while maintaining the brand’s creative arm in the UK,” he said in a statement. The company’s global strategy for Ted Baker aims to build a global network of partner companies with operational expertise, according to McNamara.