Operación mangazo: the actress of “Argentina, 1985” who seeks to go to the Oscar

“Argentina 1985”, the film by Santiago Miter starring Ricardo Darín and Peter Lanzani, will compete on Sunday March 12 in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles for the third Oscar statuette for Argentina For this reason, many actors and actresses who participated in the project celebrated the candidacy for the most coveted awards in hollywood.

Among them the actress Leyla Becharathat through her Twitter account, the influencer sent a series of requests to different potential sponsors and sponsors to finance her trip to the award ceremony, always with a remarkable sense of humor. Take off, Tourism Cityamong other companies, were chosen by the interpreter and political scientist.

He even asked his followers for some visa advice for the artistic team that were part of the film and potential Oscar winners. Best Foreign Language Film. A request that was extended to different recipients, including President Alberto Fernández himself. In the tweet called “Plan road to the Oscars” The young woman asks if there is a possibility of a special invitation from the United States government.

Leyla Bechara

“Mitre is a director that I have always liked a lot, I saw ‘El Estudiante’ at the age of 16, when I was the general secretary of the Student Center of my high school,” the young influencer acknowledged about her acting debut. The Buenos Aires actress played one of the assistants of the team of prosecutors coordinated by Strassera (Darin) Y Luis Moreno Ocampo (Lanzani).

Leyla Bechara

Finally, the recognition of several emerging and consolidated artists about their interpretive work will only be known in several weeks. At that time, it will be known if “Argentina 1985” will share the podium with the local winners of the trophy: “The official story” by Luis Puenzo and “The secret of your eyes” by Juan José Campanella.

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