Most farmers’ organizations will not participate in the nitrogen conversation on Friday under the guidance of mediator Johan Remkes, but will be represented by LTO Nederland. The farmers’ organizations decided that after “good consultation” on Wednesday evening, according to ANP news agency. Farmers Defense Force and Agractie, among others, are not going along, because they have no confidence “in the government-directed consultation”.

    LTO will enter into discussions with Remkes on their behalf and then “the results of the consultations will be fed back, discussed and further steps agreed”, the farmers’ action groups say.

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    For weeks the farmers’ organizations were divided about whether a discussion with The Hague about nitrogen policy would be useful or not. For example, farmers’ organization LTO Nederland and farmers’ action group Agractie were in principle positive about a meeting, but critical farmer protest groups, such as FDF, turned their backs on a meeting in The Hague from the start.

    Requirements unchanged

    On Wednesday evening, all interest groups gathered in Nijkerk to “align themselves”. Afterwards, the farmers’ action clubs stated that they had succeeded and that they are working together in terms of content. At the table were Agractie, Dutch Dairymen Board, Farmers Defense Force, LTO Nederland, Dutch Arable Farming Union, Dutch Dairy Farming Union, Dutch Poultry Farmers Union and Producers Organization Pig Farming.

    A spokesperson for LTO Nederland informs ANP that the farmers’ requirements have not changed: the cabinet must adjust its nitrogen plans. On behalf of the cabinet, Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD), Minister Christianne van der Wal (Nature and Nitrogen, VVD) and Minister Henk Staghouwer (Agriculture, Christian Union) will join the meeting on Friday.