News item | 08-02-2023 | 16:29

    As a result of the historically high inflation in 2022, the costs for childcare organizations will increase. This is mainly due to higher wage costs (partly due to the current tightness on the labor market) and increases in other costs. This also increases the costs of childcare for parents. Given the great public interest in accessible and affordable childcare, the government has decided to increase the maximum hourly rates for childcare allowance for 2023 once more.

    In order to realize this increase, Minister Van Gennip of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) is preparing the Emergency Childcare Allowance Decree 2023 (hereinafter ‘the Emergency Decree’), which was published online on 9 February for consultation. Because this concerns an emergency decision, the internet consultation period is shorter than usual, namely one week.

    Maximum hourly rates

    The maximum hourly rates for the childcare allowance are indexed each year on the basis of the estimated wage and price development. This is done on the basis of the estimates in the Central Economic Plan (CEP) of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) in March.

    In the course of 2022, inflation turned out to be many times higher than expected in the CEP. In accordance with the regular system, this is not included in the determination of the maximum hourly rate. Due to the exceptionally high inflation, the government has decided to increase the maximum hourly rates for 2023 once outside the regular system (extra).

    In the Emergency Decree, the maximum hourly prices are indexed according to the estimated price development over 2022 from the most recent figures from the CPB. In addition, the correction for inflation over 2023, which would normally take place in 2024, is partly brought forward. This means that the maximum hourly rates will be indexed by a total of 1.74% extra. For day care and out-of-school care, the maximum hourly rates will increase by a total of 7.32% (they will be €9.12 and €7.85) and the maximum hourly rate for childminding will increase by 5.06% (these will be €6.85). ).


    In anticipation of the decision, the Supplements service will pay parents from 20 February on the basis of the new maximum hourly rates. This will be done retroactively from 1 January 2023.

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