Olivier Boscagli is back at PSV after a tough year: ‘It was emotional’

The return of Olivier Boscagli to the base gave PSV’s victory over NEC even more shine. A year after he sustained a serious knee injury, Boscagli was back in the starting line-up and also scored. The Frenchman called it emotional afterwards.

After his goal, Olivier Boscagli sank to the ground with tears in his eyes. “I did not expect that. But it was an emotional moment. I thought back on my trajectory and that did something to me.”

The rehabilitation process was very tough. An innocent incident led to an absence of almost a year. “I’ve been crying because I couldn’t walk. Those are tough moments. Fortunately, I can now look to the future. I am glad to be back.”

“It hurts that you can’t help the team”

The future is, among other things, next Tuesday when the semi-finals of the cup are scheduled. Can Boscagli play again? “I do not know yet. I will discuss this with the physio. We will talk about that starting tomorrow.”

Watching from the side was hard for the Frenchman, especially because he saw a PSV that was ailing. “It hurts that you can’t help the team. Hopefully I can now add something with my experience and ensure that we close the season well.”

“I’ve watched my son grow for a longer period of time”

All in all, the defender also saw a positive side to his injury. “I have watched my son grow for an extended period of time. The first eight months he was there, I was away with the club a lot. Now I have been able to spend a lot of time with the family. That was nice.”

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