Ryōta Yamamoto (JPN)

    As you might expect, Yamamoto continues. It is 93 meters at the end.


    Samuel Costa (ITA)

    Samuel Costa has also been part of the World Cup circus for a number of years, but has never been able to establish himself at the front. The Italian lands at 89 meters and puts his team in the lead.


    Eero Hirvonen (FIN)

    Hirvonen is also a very good cross-country skier. He’s also good at jumping today with 89.5 meters, it’s an important step in getting in the right shape.


    Gasper Brecl (SLO)

    Brecl from Slovenia continues. 88.5 meters and a clear lead makes the Slovenian team happy.


    Stephen Schumann (USA)

    However, Schumann does not do it any better than the Czech – in the end it is 80.5 meters for him.


    Jan Vytrval (CZE)

    The Czech opens the third round but is not satisfied with his jump of 82.5 meters. The Czech Republic is now clearly lagging behind.


    Jorgen Graabak (NOR)

    With the experienced Norway, we can be curious to see what distance he can bring to the hill today. The flight is smooth, the trainers are happy about 92.5 meters. A decision about Hagen has still not been made – so Germany is now in the lead.


    Manuel Faiss (GER)

    It is also 91 meters for Manuel Faißt. This is temporary guidance!


    Lukas Greiderer (AUT)

    What does Lukas Greiderer do? The Austrian is still looking for his form but shows a solid jump and lands at 91 meters.


    Yoshito Watabe (JPN)

    We can expect a good jump from him. And so it is! A fluid jump with super telemark at 90 meters.


    Iacopo Bortola (ITA)

    The 19-year-old combined athlete from Italy also shows a great jump of 88 meters. However, he has his weaknesses on the cross-country ski run.


    Ilkka Herola (FIN)

    The strong cross-country skier often shows weaknesses on the hill. Not today! Strong 95 meters let him shine in the outrun.


    Erazem Stanonik (SLO)

    The young Slovenian has to lose feathers and only lands at 81 meters.


    Benjamin Loomis (USA)

    A solid jump for him at 88.5 meters.


    Tomas Portyk (CZE)

    Next up are the men. Portyk jumps to 79 meters. Ida Marie Hagen for Norway will start later due to technical problems.


    Jenny Nowak (GER)

    The first jumper for Germany is Jenny Nowak, who is regularly among the top ten in the World Cup. A distance of around 90 meters would mean a very good starting position for the Germans. Does she make this mark? With 93 meters she puts Germany in the lead – a great jump!


    Annalena Slamik (AUT)

    Now it applies to Team Austria! Slamik makes a great jump off the take-off and delivers a solid jump of 87.5 meters. It’s number three at the moment.


    Yuna Kasai (JPN)

    This morning Kasai scratched the 90 meter mark. Can she make that mark now? Yes! It’s 92 meters, great!


    Greta Pinzani (Italy)

    What can the only 17-year-old Greta Pinzani show? A lot of! Although she is late at the take-off, 83.5 meters is still very good for her.


    Annamaija Oinas (FIN)

    The Finn has problems during the flight and has to row hard. It is 63.5 meters at the end.


    Ema Volavšek (SLO)

    Slovenia is now also entering the mixed competition. Ema Volavšek flies a lot further than her competitors and can be happy about 87.5 meters and the clear lead.


    Alexa Brabec (USA)

    It continues with the also young Alexa Brabec. She also jumps to 71 meters, but takes the lead.


    Tereza Koldovska (CZE)

    Tereza Koldovská from the Czech Republic is allowed to open the competition. This morning in the PCR jump, she did not go beyond 68.5 meters. How far is it now for the 18-year-old? At just 71 meters from start gate 16, she comes in for a landing. Incidentally, the conditions are fantastic: Cold at minus eleven degrees, but lots of sunshine and the wind should hardly pose any problems.


    Austria with Rehrl and Hirner

    The team from Austria is also well staffed with Annalena Slamik, Lukas Greiderer, Franz-Josef Rehrl and Lisa Hirner. With Rehrl and Hirner we can hope for long jumps. Nine nations have managed to provide a mixed team. There is no Swiss team.


    Team Germany with Schmid and Armbruster

    The German team can rightly hope for a place on the podium. The squad consists of Jenny Nowak, Manuel Faißt, Julian Schmid and Nathalie Armbruster. Schmid and Armbruster in particular have shown themselves to be in good form and can prove this today.


    Who are the favourites?

    Norway, Austria and Germany are likely to be the favorites to win. However, all three teams are weakened by illness and thus offer other nations a chance for the podium. Team Norway will have to do without dominator Jarl Magnus Riiber, the 25-year-old is suffering from a parasite and will at least miss the World Cup in Otepää. Germany also has to do without its best combined athlete, Vinzenz Geiger is out with a cold – Johannes Rydzek also has to pass because of this. It doesn’t look any better for Team Austria – on the contrary: Mario Seidl, Martin Fritz, Stefan Rettenegger and Eva Hubinger cannot all start. By the way, the PCR jumps in the morning were won by Gyda Westvold Hansen with a jump of 91.5 meters and Julian Schmid with a jump of 96.5 meters.


    Otepää first stop in 2023

    The Estonian Otepää is the first stop in 2023 for the Nordic combined athletes. There is a mixed competition on the Tehvandi ski jump today, after which the teams will complete five kilometers on the cross-country ski run four times.

    Warm welcome

    Hello and welcome to the mixed team competition from Otepää! The live ticker begins in good time before the start.